Geosung Seafood is doing its best today to safely provide healthy food from the sea.



To cope with our customers' business and the rapidly-changing market,
We Geosung Seafood Co., Ltd. have grown together with our customers through years of hard work and trial and error.
We will always do our best to give you the strength to respond quickly to intensifying business competitions.
  • Wholesale and retail salesHaccp Food Safety

    Geosung Seafood supplies salmon, salmon fillets, wild and farmed live fish, and frozen marine products through various wholesale and retail distribution channels nationwide.

  • Food manufacturing processingFood Processing

    Geosung Seafood is equipped with the best sanitary processing facilities in Korea and conducts thorough quality control via its standardized production processes and mechanized production lines.

  • Salmon and seafood importsSalmon Import

    Geosung Seafood imports and supplies safe and fresh marine products from all over the world, including Northern Europe.

  • Food distribution businessHotel, Market Delivery

    Geosung Seafood Co., Ltd. maintains a cooperative relationship based on trust with various offline stores such as over 50 domestic hotels, department store food halls, and large marts. In addition, we are doing our best to provide our customers with safe and trustworthy food ingredients through various online sales.

  • Seafood AuctionMarine Products Auction

    Geosung Seafood is committed to providing customers with fresh and best products at the best prices through professional seafood auctions.

  • Online MarketOnline Sales

    We supply the best products to customers through various online channels such as WeMakePrice, Coupang, 11th St., G Market, Naver, Auction, Lotte On, Always, Incheon Ieum, Fast View, and Baemin Store.